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By the Numbers: What journalists really think of your pitches

14 Mar 2024 – Allison Carter in Ragan Communications and PR Daily

Why are some pitches doomed to fail? Muck Rack surveyed 1,106 journalists earlier this year. Here’s what stands out.

Put Marketing at the Core of Your Growth Strategy

06 Mar 2024 – Marc Brodherson, Jennifer Ellinas, Ed See, and Robert Tas in Harvard Business Review

Companies that make the decision to put marketing at the core of their growth strategy outperform the competition, according to McKinsey research. Specifically, both B2C and B2B companies who view branding and advertising as a top two growth strategy are twice as likely to see revenue growth of 5% or more than those that don’t (67% to 33%).

Why Leaders Need Flexible Communication Skills

28 Jan 2024 – David Ludden Ph.D. in Psychology Today

The tell-and-sell approach works well when combined with a charismatic leadership style.
Ask-and-listen works well when you need creative solutions from your subordinates.
Effective leaders tailor their leadership style to match the current situation.

Google Is Finally Killing Cookies. Advertisers Still Aren’t Ready.

04 Jan 2024 – Miles Kruppa and Patience Haggin in Wall Street Journal

Google has plans to end the functionality that helps track users’ habits around the internet for targeted ads. Search giant plans to remove a technology seen as critical to the digital-ad industry

The biggest trends in graphic design for 2024, as predicted by the creative industry

13 Nov 2023 – Tom May in Creative Boom

The world of graphic design is constantly evolving, with new trends emerging all the time. And the current global turmoil is only accelerating this effect. Here, we explore eight of the most hotly anticipated trends for 2024 based on the insights of industry experts.

6 Effective Strategies for Communication in a Crisis

02 Nov 2023 – Julia Thompson in

A crisis can be complex, and companies should be sensitive to stakeholders, employees and customers that have specific questions. By preplanning your crisis communication, you can increase your chances of success in overcoming public relations nightmares.

Navigating the Digital Frontier: Public Relations Strategies for the Social Media Age

17 Oct 2023 – Jessica Starman in Rolling Stone

In an age where consumers are becoming increasingly more demanding, your success in the social media sphere can significantly depend on how well you can align with their expectations for transparency, relevance and integrity.

Misinformation is Destroying Businesses — How Do We Finally Tackle Fake News?

10 Oct 2023 – Irina Proskurina in Entrepreneur

While PR doesn’t make people and companies bulletproof against misinformation and fake narratives, it equips them with the tools and strategies to effectively combat and mitigate the damage caused by this phenomenon.

Tech companies try to take AI image generators mainstream with better protections against misuse

21 Sep 2023 – Matt O’brien in Quartz

Are you using AI text-to-image generators? Some legal and ethical concerns are to be addressed for businesses and creative professionals to use them in a safer and more accessible and responsible way.

AI Can Do as Bad a Job as Your PR Department

21 Sep 2023 – Joshua Ben Rosen in Wall Street Journal

The use of AI is rising in various domains, including public relations — adding to the fact that companies have been churning out content to match fast-changing media cycles. If every company starts sending out an endless stream of AI-generated material, the resulting feedback loop will nearly guarantee that all the material will start to sound the same.

Content Writer for SEO: Turning Words into Rankings and Traffic

14 Jul 2023 – Campaign Write in Yahoo!Finance

Gone are the days when mere keyword-stuffed content could fool search engines into improving website ranking. Today’s sophisticated algorithms value quality, informative content that adds value to the reader.

Branding: The layer-1 of a successful Web3 marketing strategy

20 Jun 2023 – German Ramirez in CoinTelegraph

Building on a blockchain follows similar fundamental principles to building in real life. First, you establish the foundations, then you can start laying the bricks, and only once it’s built can someone begin experiencing the building’s purpose. Laying the bricks is akin to writing the platform code, and only then the user experience can begin.